What is Burn Reformer Pilates?

Our signature style of reformer Pilates focuses on full-body strength training, our classes are innovative, results driven and will help tone, strengthen and sculpt your body. We teach reformer pilates classes that have a modern twist, think 50min of fun, movement and Burn, all while smiling through. 

Burn Fitness studio is an inclusive environment that is here to support all on their movement journey.

How many reformer classes a week should I do?

This comes down to the individual, what other movement are you doing, how many can you fit into your week. 1 is better than none and 3-4 a week you will feel those results. Everybody is different and it comes down to you and what feels good for your body.

How long are classes?

Our Burn reformer pilates classes are 50 minutes long. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class if you are a regular, and 10 minutes prior if it is your
first time.


How many people are in a class?

We are a small studio with 6 reformers, so if you like small group then this is for you. Having a small group means that we can work with individuals, we can cater for injuries and we can set a challenge if you are needing that extra push.


What do I need to bring to class?

Please wear stretchy and comfortable clothing that allows you to move with ease. Socks are to be worn during the class for hygiene reasons. We recommend grippy socks so they do not feel slippery as you move on the reformer. These can be purchased in the studio prior to class if you wish. Water bottle and readiness to move


Membership options

We have a range of memberships to suit your lifestyle. Concession cards have an expiry date and will need to be used 6months from date of purchase, single class purchase has an expiry date of 7 days.

Weekly memberships will be direct debited every week.

Can I book in advance?

If you have a current membership you can book in advance, concession packs you can book your 5 or 10 classes out and weekly memberships can be booked 6 weeks in advance, this helps you to get some routine with your weekly schedule. 

How does the waitlist work?

If a class is full you will have the option to join the waitlist, if the class was to get a cancelation then you will receive an email to say you have been moved into the class. If you can not make this class you are able to message in and decline. 


Can I cancel my booking?

You are able to cancel your booking as long as you provide a minimum of 4hrs notice for the group and private classes. Classes late canceled or no shows will be charged at the full value.


Can I do Pilates while pregnant?

Yes you can practice pilates safely while pregnant, please let your instructor know, as you move through the trimesters of your pregnancy then you may need to come and meet the instructor to go over substitute exercises. Because our classes are small we are able to adapt exercises to meet clientele.